YOSAKOIソーラン祭り公式サイト YOSAKOIソーラン祭り公式サイト

The 29th YOSAKOI Soran Festival 10 - 14 June 2020




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About YOSAKOI Soran Festival "The streets are our stage!" A dance festivity drawing attention from the world.

The YOSAKOI Soran Festival was born when a group of youths declared that "The streets are our stage!"
after witnessing the magic and passion of the historical YOSAKOI Festival in Kochi.
Beginning with only ten teams and 1,000 dancers with 200,000 people cheering them on,
the festival continued to grow bigger with each year and now proudly hosts roughly 30,000 dancers and two million visitors.
The festival has gained recognition both within and beyond Hokkaido and even overseas,
earning it the honour of being the event marking the start of summer.

YOSAKOI Soran Festival performers need only respect two rules!

To have naruko (wooden hand clappers) in their hands as they dance and;
To incorporate the phrase from the Soran Bushi in their song

Every team designs their own colourful costumes and choreographs their own distinctive dance set to lively unique music, which results in no two teams being the same - making sure to keep the spectators constantly engaged and entertained. Not limited to Hokkaido, YOSAKOI Festival events can also be seen being held in various places across the country, proving its growing popularity with local residents as a celebration regardless of age or occupation.

Naruko: These were originally hung in fields to drive away birds with their sound. Ever since their incorporation into the YOSAKOI Festival dances in Kochi, they are now invaluable symbolic props used in present-day and nationwide YOSAKOI related events.

Soran Bushi: A type of traditional Hokkaido folk song which the fishermen would sing as a labour song when they go out to fish for herring. One can feel the massive strength that radiates as the rhythm of the "Yaren soran!" cry in the song is matched to the tugging of ropes and pulling of the net.

How to watch

There are approximately 20 sites for YOSAKOI Soran Festival in Sapporo.
For the duration of the event, sightseeing spots,
commercial facilities, and major streets transform into stages for dancing.
Most sites can be entered freely without charge.

Please see here for information
on start times and locations for
each venue.
Event Schedule
Site Guide

Join in!

The excitement of the festival is not just for viewing.
There are also programs where you can join in on the dancing.

Wa-Odori Square

Venue/Odori Park Nishi 7-chome

The only area during the festival where the audience is also encouraged to join in the dances.
The clappers and happi coats are also available for rentals so you can take part
and feel like one of the dancers themselves!

Participate in a
This temporary team is popular among those who
want to be a part of the main parade with just a
simple practice session!
You too can be a part of the YOSAKOI Soran Festival!

Team name/ MINNA de SORAN
Participation fee / ¥3000 per person
Day/8(sat)June 2019 16:00-18:10

Main Schedule(planned)

16:00 Wa-Odori Square Reception (Odori Park Nishi 7-chome)
16:10 Practice the dance (Wa-Odori Square)
17:00 Short break and walk over to the performance venue
17:30 Actual performance! (Held at the Odori Parade Site. Note: Performance is done five times)
18:10 End of performances, disbandment
End of performances, disbandment

How to participate
Reservations unnecessary (however, as participation is on a first come first served basis, prior reservations can be made)
Please pay the participation fee on the day itself at the time of assembly (cash only)
Please be already dressed in comfortable clothing at the time of assembly